Bulgarian Jewish Troops

Activated Officers List of 1918

Family Name G. Name & Father's G. Name Birth Place Birth Date Rank
Alkalay Miko Moisey Sofia ~ Medical Lieut.
Alkalay Sason Moshe Sofia 12.9.1872 Medical Colonel
Arie Solomon Sabetay ~ ~ Medical Lieu
Benjamen Joseph aaronov Berkovitsa ~ Medical Lieut.
Cohenov Moisey Nessim Vidin 22.1.1880 Medical Major
Geron Anzhelo Chelebi Plovdiv ~ Medical Lieut.
Grassian Moreno Moshonov ~ 5.2.1872 Lieut. Colonel
Ovadiev Baruh Levi Nikopol ~ Medical Lieut.
Tadzher Avraam Perez Sofia 15.7.1872 Lieut. Colonel

Compiled from: Social Cultural & Educ. Association of the Jews in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Annual, No.22,1987 pp.154. Compiled by Mathilde Tagger.

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