FASSAC's Digital Archives of Sephardica


Tehillim (Psalms) from 15th Century Spain

Amsterdam Haggadah from 1695

Corfu, Greece Prayer Book 1885

Documents from Old Jewish Algeria

Story: Purim of Siracusa [Saragossa]

Halacha by Haham Eliezer Papo

Machzor from Amsterdam 1679

Abarbanel Commentary on Prophet Daniel

Hakham Yehuda Ha'Levi Poem 1586

Song of Songs & Pirke Abot in Ladino 1664

Jewish Calendars from Sephardic Lands

Salonica Printed Calendars from Cavalla (Kavalla) Greece 1899

Gibraltar Jewish Community Organization 1915

Historical Events

Bevis Marks Services from 1841


Sephardic Postal Covers and Correspondence
A perfect introduction to this section is an article by the Dr. David Sheby: "Sephardic Genealogical Information Available from Ottoman, Balkan and Levant Postal History" Originally published in ETSI Revue de Gènèalogie et d'Histoire Sèfarades October 1999 CE Volume 2 Number 6.


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