Special English Classes For Our People

An Article Originally Printed in the New York City Based
Ladino Newspaper La Epoca October 30, 1915

La Epoca is happy to call the attention of the people to the fact that English Classes have been opened solely for the well being of our people. Long before steps have been taken to induce the Board of Education to have Spanish teachers to teach to Spanish people: although it is irrational to have special teachers for all classes of peoples. We say so, because every one, eager to learn the language of the Country, should attend any class irrespective of whether or not the teacher is Spanish, Italian, Polish etc. On the other hand the tendency of every one is to go after his kind and be taught by teachers of his nationality in the way he thinks it will be of more benefit to him.

Be it as it may be the fact remains, a fact and it ought to be dealt with accordingly.

In the case of having Spanish teachers for our Spanish brethern the credit goes to Mr. Nessim Behar. It is he who took up the matter with the Board of Education and persuaded them to enlist the services of two able teachers of our notionality. Due consideration must be given tahis because it is done in the best spirit to benefit all those who want to learn the English language and who very unfortunately did not do so up till now, handicapped possibly by the idea that they cannot learn if they have not teachers of their own.

Now we have the classes and the teachers. Somewhere in this paper we have given the number and the place of the school, it is now your business to attend. It is useless to tell you how much importance the English language ought to be attached to. To ignore it is to ignore one's existence. We are sure everybody realises the full meaning of it. The more one knows of English the more he is better off. Notice should be taken that every avenue of prosperity and happiness is open to those who learn.

The english language is of paramount importance to all now living in this country and it ought to be learnt; because America expects from every American what every American expects from America. This cannot be achieved without first getting imbued with the first principles of Americanism.

The best way to serve America is to get Americanized and you can begin by learning the language of the Country.

Go to school no matter how far you live.


Excerpts from the Old Ladino Press was developed by S. Alfassa & R. Murrell. Note: The grammar, spelling and syntax of the article is reproduced here as it was in the original article.