Four Reviews on Stephen Birmingham's Book:


Originally published in 1971 by the Foundation For The Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture

"When you are misrepresented and misunderstood,
Play you all on the tambourines and drums,
Proclaim the truth to the four winds."

- From the cover.

"His book is plagued with factual inaccuracies and poor historical perspectives. Unfortunately, many Jews and non-Jews are reading the book and are having their opinions molded by it because they know little or nothing about Sephardim."-- Rabbi Marc Angel

Statement of Responsibility

This Foundation wishes to state categorically that the opinions, value judgments and knowledge of each contributor, in no way is to be considered the official stand of the Foundation on the issues involved. Each contributor approaches his criticism from a personal angle. Any superficial reading of the reviews will show that the reviewers do not see eye to eye on the subject they single out in "The Grandees".... (June 1971)

Louis N. Levy, President
David N. Barocas, Secretary

Main Index

1) A Refutation of the Twenty-first Chapter of Stephen Birmingham's Book The Grandees
by David N. Barocas

2) A Voice from Shearith Israel on The Grandees
by Marc Angel

3) The Grandees from a Sephardic Woman's Point of View
by Paula O. de Benardete

4) A Critical Evaluation of the Historic Aspects of The Grandees: A Look Into the Historical Significance of the Sephardim, their History and Culture
by Prof. Mair J. Benardete


Some notes on the backgrounds of the reviewers:

David N. Barocas Z"L was president of Berith Shalom and of the Sephardic Jewish Center of the East Side (New York). He was a past president of the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America, Past Master of Abravanel Lodge 1116 F. & A.M., and one of the founders of the Abravanel Square Club, etc., etc.

Rabbi Marc Angel is the Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel, The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in the City of New York. At the time of these writings he was assistant Rabbi.

Mrs. Paula O. de Benardete Z"L, wife of Prof. M.J. Benardete and has taught French and Spanish for many years at Brooklyn college. She was the author of many literary papers and articles dealing on Spanish and French literature and drama.

Prof. Mair Jose Benardete Z"L was a Professor at Brooklyn college. His books and articles on Spanish and Sephardic Jewish subjects have won world wide reputation.

For those wanting to read this book and develop your own thoughts & opinions, the book is available at most public libraries.

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