These pages are a tribute to the work of the JEAA which after three years helped obtain an international memorial for the Sephardic Jews at Auschwitz. These pages will help memorialize the historic Sephardic event, the dedication of a plaque in Judeo-Spanish which took place in March of 2003.

JEAA Leadership

Honorary President: Jacques Aelion

President: Prof. Haim Vidal Sephiha

Vice-President: Dr. Michel Azaria

Treasurer: Gisele Nadler

Secretary General: Ruth Y. Arciniega

Representative, United States: Albert Garih

Representitie, Spain: Salvador: Santa Puche



Laurence et Philip Abensur (France)

Shelomo Alfassa (USA)

Rachel Amado Bortnick (USA)

Richard Ben-Veniste (USA)

Monique et Serge Benveniste (Portugal & Suisse)

Jacques Caraco (France)

Joelle Garriaud-Maylam (UK)

Liliane Lajtenberg (France)

Ingebord Sephiha (France)

David Siman (USA)

Albert de Vidas (USA)