Dr. Albert Menasche in Memoriam


Dr. Menasche was a prominent figure in the Sephardic Community of Salonica. Before the war, he served as secretary of the Communal Council, and was the director of the Ben Ouzilizio Maternity Hospital, the Azilo de Locos/Kasa de Salud, the Carlo Allatini Orphanage for Boys, and the Mair Aboav Orphanage for Girls. He was also vice president of the well-known Baron Hirsch Hospital. Dr. Menasche was deported to Birkenau on June 8, 1943; he survived as a member of the Men's Orchestra.

His book, BIRKENAU - HOW 72,000 GREEK JEWS PERISHED was one of the first accounts of a survivor to be published. Upon returning to Salonica in 1945, he was elected president of the community, and director of the Clinique Pinhas. After emigrating to the U.S., he served as resident physician at the Sephardic Home for the Aged in Brooklyn, NY.

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