Our Mission Statement

Ladino, noble language
In which we lamented Zion,
And mourned the loss of Spain,
Land of our consolation.

--Miguel de Unamuno (1928)

For nearly 40 years the Foundation has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the complex and centuries-old culture of the Sephardic communities of Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Europe and the U.S. Emigration, and the devastation of the Holocaust, have combined to weaken historic communities which had resisted assimilation, where Ladino, the Sephardic language, was used continuously and unique cultural traditions were practiced.

As the new millennia opens, the Foundation seeks to vigorously renew and preserve the heritage and culture of our ancestors.

Please support the Foundation as it enters this new era of Sephardic studies. Your interest and contributions are critical and will enable the continued growth of Sephardic scholarship and education, and will ensure the future of an institution that has helped keep alive our vibrant Sephardic history.

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