Press Release from The Foundation for the
Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture



by Robert Bedford

Published in conjunction with the Children of the Survivors of the Holocaust in Greece, this photographic journal commemorates the destruction of the Jewish communities of Greece during the Holocaust, and honors the remnants of the survivors - many of whom immigrated to the United States.
Prepared as a memorial album for the congregation of the Sephardic Center of Forest Hills, REMEMBER chronicles the history of the Holocaust in Greece through the photographs, words and reminisences of many of the survivors. The album centers on the personal photographs provided by these individuals, and visually recalls life in Greece before the war, and their tragic rehabilitation after the Holocaust. Photographs of survivors are displayed side by side with family members who perished, while interspersed throughout are personal tributes, letters & poetry by the
children of the survivors.

Nearly seventy-five thousand Jews lived in Greece before the war, spread throughout 23 communities. The largest of these was the Sephardic community in Salonica, with some 56,000 Jewish inhabitants. Ninety-six percent of Salonica's Jews, and 87% of the entire Greek Jewish population, was annihilated by the Nazis during the Second World War. Homeless and destitute at the end of the war and often the sole survivor of their entire family, a handful of survivors returned to Greece in an attempt to rebuild their lives. Many others sought to build a new future, and immigrated to North and South America or to Palestine.

REMEMBER features over 250 previously unpublished black & white photographs, and includes a preface by noted author Elie Wiesel. Prepared by the children and grandchildren of Greek survivors, REMEMBER is a poignant and touching tribute to the victims of the Holocaust in Greece - those who perished, and those who survived.

REMEMBER is published by The Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture and limited copies will be available April 1995.

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