Ladino Judeo-Spanish

News of the death of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) have been greatly exaggerated. This beautiful Sephardic language is not only used daily, but it is the only acceptable language of communication in our virtual community called Ladinokomunita. The members of this Internet chat group, who may reside hundreds and thousands of miles from each other on earth, have discusions with each other daily via e-mail in the language they all understand. In other words, here, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) is indeed very much alive!

Click here to listen to spoken Ladino
(50 seconds) 390k MP3

Click here to listen to spoken Ladino
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Our Purpose

  1. To promote the use of Ladino;
  2. To spread the use of a standardized method for spelling Ladino with Roman characters;
  3. Ask and answer questions and share information regarding the language, culture, history, and traditions of Sephardim;
  4. And to discuss other subjects of interest of concern.

Please note that all messages must be posted in Ladino.